Oman Operations

Lion-Archer is actively leveraging Omani networks to assist U.S. companies seeking access to Omani markets. Over the course of several years in Oman, Lion-Archer has developed broad networks based on deep personal ties. The effects of these ties are Omani friends, colleagues and associates who rely on Lion-Archer as the trusted partner to deliver the U.S. goods and services they require. These deep ties now form the foundation for Lion-Archer's growing U.S.-Omani bridge.
Lion-Archer is brokering U.S.-Omani business opportunities in the medical, agricultural and training sectors. Oman is proving fertile ground for U.S. businesses for several reasons:

  • A recent shift in Oman from European goods and services towards American. This provides an opportunity to build U.S.-Omani commercial ties where few exist. 

  • A robust U.S.-Oman Free Trade Agreement signed in 2009 eliminated most customs charges while allowing U.S. citizens to establish Omani companies without Omani partners. Despite these fantastic tariff and tax benefits, this remains a largely overlooked but ripe opportunity. 

  • Most American companies operating in the Gulf have traditionally focused on countries other than Oman so there are very few positioned to capitalize on the emerging opportunities there. 

  • Persistent challenges with the U.S./Global Economy coupled with a reduction of U.S. activities in Iraq and Afghanistan are causing many U.S. companies to seek new markets in the Middle East. Consistently high oil prices mean that Oman’s economy remains strong and continues to grow. U.S. companies are looking for ways to enter the Oman market but generally lack the access to do so.

These factors result in an interesting convergence whereby Oman is expanding its traditional relationships to include greater American presence in its economy while many American businesses are seeking new Middle Eastern markets. Lion-Archer’s broad Omani networks coupled with its deep socio-economic awareness make it ideally suited to assist companies wishing to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the Sultanate of Oman.


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